Ballot Statement,  United States Congress, 18th District

John Karl Fredrich

Party Preference: No Party Preference
California Credentialed Teacher
jkfredrich@gmail.com 650-855-9775

Sixteen years of war in Afghanistan and trillions in new debt indicate the failure of American political leadership to govern in the national interest. Corruption and inefficiency eclipse morality and progress. The major parties and corporations provide the most support for the rich and powerful and tell those in need that this is the way it must be.

I support Medicare for all.

The 116th Congress will need to vote on clean, freestanding repeal of the Authorization for Use of Military Force (AUMF), or, declare war, if that is what we desire. By not voting on this and other pressing matters, Congress pretends to be all things to all people, and in so doing allows those who hide out to claim that problems lie with members from other districts, not with them.

Equally important is passing an Equal Rights Amendment with no expiration date for ratification; long overdue, such action will improve women’s control over reproductive rights, assure equal pay and benefits, and help reduce discrimination. Strengthening the Voting Rights Act can initiate comprehensive federal election reform to prevent voter suppression, roll purging, meddling with district boundaries and tampering with voting machines.

Finally, a 25% reduction in the military budget, effective auditing standards, and renunciation of first strike with nuclear weapons, with no funding for the next generation of warheads, will greatly assist non-proliferation and control regimens.

We must focus on environmental issues while tending to this. Removal of cannabis from Schedule 1 will promote local control.