NOTE: The issues I talk about here cluster together  – it is important to see how they are inter-related. The wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Syria are all related to the lack of oversight by Congress in regard to the War Powers Act, and all of the budget difficulties likewise stem from there being inadequate action in Congress over authorizations and appropriations. On the other hand, the issues of Women’s Rights (ERA) and Voting Rights and rights of personhood such as the expectation of not being shot while one goes about one’s business help to square the table and give you a sense as to how we are not dealing with just single issues in this election. Also, if we cannot get control of the military and indemnities caused by counterproductive wars, we will never have the resources to do the things that are most needed, such as medical care for all our citizens, adequate housing, education, infrastructure, protection of the environment, and so on …

The central point of my campaign, as expressed in much abbreviated form in my statement to the voters in the sample ballot, is to end the United States’ counterproductive wars by removing authorization to the Executive Branch to wage war without the explicit approval of the Congress. By repealing those measures of the 107th Congress, new authorization and appropriations will need to be voted on if we wish to continue on the present course. Furthermore, I contend that not to change direction is foolish as we are making enemies faster than allies, destabilizing the entire region, and enabling the heroin trade to expand and explode into America’s heartland as 80 to 90% of the drugs are coming from war regions.

This action will pave the way for Congress to reclaim the power of the purse as now there is no money in that purse, simply IOU’s and a well-worn credit card on which over $20 Trillion in debts has been run up, much of it from tax breaks voted in during wartime rather than demanding the sacrifice that waging wars require. The most recent Trillion was added in just six months, and the first Trillion was not recorded until 1980…that gives you one metric of just how fast debt has accelerated through irresponsible legislation.

Reasserting the authority of Congress over war and budget allows for greater attention to and funding for the country’s greatest needs in the areas of health care, housing, education and job training. Mismanagement of human resources capital and underfunding of domestic public works has been rampant for over 30 years. We must invest more both in education and job training. We need true universal literacy. Thousands of units of housing need to be built and thousands of bridges repaired. We cannot neglect the nutrition of children, the medical needs of the poor and elderly, and the rehabilitation of those who commit crimes in order to deliver death from the sky in foreign lands. Making good on our commitment to those who have already been to war is more important than creating new casualties.

As we get our house in order, we must turn increased attention to protecting the civil rights of all our people. If the national government cannot insure the integrity of the vote in every state and precinct in the country, we might as well call off the entire experiment in self government that the United States has been endeavoring to contribute to the historical march for popular governance worldwide. If we cannot guarantee the rights of women then the ideal of equal protection under law is a sham. If we cannot insure every citizen protection against abuse under the color of authority, or sudden death from gunfire by those who may be mentally unstable or wearing a police uniform, then the Constitution and the rule of law end.

These matters require concerted action, courage, and persistence. Above all, they demand that our Representatives in Washington work up bills in committee, mark them up according to what fits into the budget, and vote on them in committee and on the floor so that everybody knows what their Representatives, Senators, and the entire national government stand for. The first order of business should be getting this job done, not the bundling of donations in order to guarantee re-election and permanent incumbency.