Education has suffered in many areas of the country from reduced funding and diversion of public tax revenues to charter schools, which not only drain money but cause valuable family involvement to be diverted from participation in local public education. In addition, the inability to advance curriculum appropriate to society’s current needs means that students frequently do not get the course work needed to become productive workers and engaged citizens. We need to add grades 13 & 14, or community college and/or job training for all of our children. The country must make sure that everybody can read and function in society. This requires adequate funding for all Title 1 special needs individuals and means that reading recovery should be part of criminal rehabilitation. Outliers should be included in our planning for educational services. And money for school facilities, staffing of teaching and research corps, and subsidies for advanced studies (including four-year university education) have to become as routine considerations in the development of the national budget as they were in the post WWII years when the space program and computer technologies led the country to new levels of success in many other areas through spin-off industrial development. Those investments in the space race and National Defense Student Loans showed a much better return than the money that was poured into Afghanistan & Iraq.