The short shift that mention of the environment gets in my campaign statement is a function of the fact of the 250 word requirement, not the importance of the issues. Many fine books point to this fact, and, as contentious as the debate over climate change has become, most scientists and ordinary people accept that anthropogenic climate disruption (ACD) is a fact contributing to severe weather events, radical oscillation of long established patterns, deterioration of air and water quality, and a genuine threat to political and economic stability and human survival. A planet Earth with over 7 billion people does not support a standard of living that most of us think is a prerequisite for human dignity unless we manage the world economies and our political affairs along different lines than those of the old order. Frankly speaking, Scott Pruitt and Ryan Zinke are dinosaur types whose fossils I do not expect will make it into the collections of any future museums, should there be museums in the future. It is implausible to imagine that over 200 years of industrial revolution and a seven-fold increase in homo sapiens numbers that human impacts are not the most significant variables in our changing ecology. Now that CO2 has reached more than 400 ppm, and is rapidly advancing, we can expect the metrics for sea level rise to be much more pronounced earlier than expected and must plan accordingly.